Why Sandbags are a Better Choice

Initially, military and martial arts were the only two areas where people used sandbags. However, in recent times, sandbags have managed to make themselves known to countless people. All because the fitness benefits it brings to people's lives are tremendous. This article will talk about the benefits of a sand bag and if they outweigh the benefits of working out with other gym equipment. 


Are Sand Bags Any Good?

Sand bags are one of the best things to workout with. They are good for all sorts of exercises, be it old or new. Additionally, they are quite safe to work with as well. 

What Are The Benefits of Weighted Sandbags?

Using sandbags for organized training has been around since the late 1800s amongst the army personnel. However, many individuals utilize them nowadays, from combat training to sport-specific training to strength and conditioning equipment for ordinary gym members and everyone in-between. Some of the top advantages of sandbags, you can see below:


To practice stability, most people use a stability ball or wobble board with an unstable surface. But it's also necessary to practice with hazardous items to develop new talents and skills.

Using a sandbag to work out requires you to have control over your center of mass. The practice to control it eventually leads you to be stronger and more stable. The reason being, while you are moving, you have to concentrate on your form. This is hard to achieve but certainly not impossible. 

Boosts Sports Performances

There is other training equipment that is very similar to the weighted sandbag workout. Therefore, once you are good at sandbag training, it will train your arms, shoulders, and back enough to easily tackle the other sports as well. 

Other than this, we know it takes up all rounds of strength to work with a sand bag. To many, this is restraining them from being strengthened further physically. When in reality, it makes for very strong and well-conditioned people in terms of gripping. 

Weight bags

Portable and Easily Accessible

Sand bags are portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. Therefore, you can work out anywhere you would like. Besides, all you have to do is fill it up with sand anyway. So even if you are moving places, you can empty the bag and refill it whenever you want. 

Pocket Friendly

Sand Bags are often cheap. And even if you can't buy it, there is always an option to make it at home. All you need to do is sew a bedsheet together at the corners and fill it with sand. Not only is a sand bag workout versatile, but it is also affordable. 

Brushes Up on Your Mental Capabilities

While exercising with weighted sandbags, you need to focus on all the little movements you make. This, in turn, enhances your critical analysis skills. Furthermore, it keeps you busy, hence allows you to be liberated from over-thinking and upsetting thoughts. 

Toughens You Up 

Many people believe that the toughest form of workout is with dumbbells and barbells. While it's true, for the most part, that those two do build up your physical strength, it is also true that with sandbags, you don't only enhance your physical build but also your mental capabilities. 

According to a survey, most individuals claim lifting a barbell is between 40 and 50 percent less difficult than lifting a sandbag. Therefore, you are more likely to benefit more from this. 

Enhances your Planes of Motion

There are three planes of motion in every human being:

  1. Sagittal dimension
  2. Frontal dimension
  3. Transverse dimension.

All three of them are activated by the sandbag workout. It is challenged by the stress caused by movements and hence, is brushed up. 

How to use Weighted Sandbags in everyday Workouts?

When it comes to planning, you don't have to re-write the rules just because the sandbag is a different training tool than the standard free weights. If at all feasible, consider complex workouts that activate the most muscle. Combine them into strength exercises in which you lift heavier weights for fewer repetitions or conditioning workouts in which you lift lower weights for a longer period to build endurance.

Before exercising with a fitness sandbag, it's prudent not to jump to conclusions about your ability to manage a particular weight.

A few workouts that you can do as beginners and advanced will be talked about below.

Workouts for Beginners

Sandbag Overhead Press

In this workout, you need to hold the weighted pack in your palms and extend your arms upwards, over your head. Hold the position for a few seconds before bringing it back down, then repeat. 

Sandbag Overhead Press

Sandbag Lunges

Hold the sandbag to your chest and perform regular lunges for as long as comfortable. You need to make sure your legs are at a perfect 90-degree angle, or it will not be as effective.

Sandbag Back Squats

For this exercise, you have to place the sand bag on the back of your shoulders. Bend your knees and go down in a squat position. It should be so that your knees are in line with the crease in your hips. Stand back up and repeat.

Sandbag High Pull

Place the sandbag on the floor. Bend down to pick it up until your back is straightened. Bend again and repeat the steps for a while.

Workouts for When You Are Advanced

When you have become accustomed to the separate exercises mentioned above, you can group them up with a few others and assign days to them. This would help your muscles activate more, and since there will be more strain, it will be advantageous to you. 

We hope this information about sandbags was helpful to you and gave you a little clarity about the product!

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