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Foldable Weight Bench

Foldable Weight Bench

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You can decide the degree of folding for your bench, which allows you to adjust it as per your comfort.

· Its sleek design will not take up much space in your home. They also work as foldable weight benches, which can be folded away for easy storage.

· Our product is high-quality leather with thick foam padding underneath, making it perfect for various exercises.

· You can shape your body into your desired form in the comfort of your home with just a few minutes of training on our weight bench.

· It offers a variety of adjustable positions like flat, upright, incline, and decline. For this reason, it enables various muscle-training exercises for your legs, arms, and abs.

What is an adjustable weight bench?

Adjustable weight benches are a type of gym bench that is used for many kinds of exercises. As their name suggests, these workbenches are flexible, so their position can be adjusted per customers' comfort and for performing various activities. Whether you are interested in using dumbbells or barbells or even if you are interested in multiple other exercise machines, adjustable weight benches are great to use with them. They can take your workout game to the next level.

They are also known as FID benches. FID is an abbreviation for flat, incline, and decline. These are the name of the positions of adjustable weight bench in which they can be adjusted for the convenience of customers. If you wish to use the weight bench as a flat, depending on the type of exercise you want to perform, you can set the back pad accordingly. Similarly, you can decline or incline the upper half of the bench.

You can think of the back pad's incline position similar to that of a regular chair. Although some adjustable weight benches offer only flat and incline positions, FID weight benches are next-level workout benches. With the decline angle, the back pad can be lowered towards the ground, unlike the flat position, which is parallel to the ground surface. The decline position of any exercise bench is perfect for various abdominal exercises.

What are the benefits of using an adjustable weight bench?

The people interested in exercise and working out can understand the importance of such a workout bench, which can be inclined upwards and downwards. Below are some benefits of our adjustable weight bench.

· An exercise bench that can be adjusted in multiple positions is excellent for various upper body strengthening exercises.

· Using three adjustable back pad positions, the consumer can perform exercises requiring different positions, increasing muscle flexibility and strength.

· It can help you target different body muscles ranging from the abdomen, back, legs and arms.

· By adjusting your bench in an incline position, you'll be able to target small muscles otherwise ignored by other conventional exercises.

· Adjusting your bench in a decline position allows you to work out against gravity, thus increasing the difficulty level of your exercise regime. It also increases the intensity of several abdominal exercises.

· Adjusting your bench into a flat position can double as a weight-lifting bench as several athletes like to lift weights lying on their back on a flat surface.

· Performing different exercises on an adjustable weight bench can decrease the risk of heart disease and chronic illness.

· Using a workout bench can decrease the cholesterol level of the consumer. It also reduces the possibility of diabetes by helping the body process sugar.

· They are excellent for burning more fat during exercise due to the increase in the intensity of exercises.

How to use an adjustable weight bench?

Whether a personal trainer or a professional athlete, adjustable weight benches are essential for your exercise routine. Even for people who have a new obsession with working out and are trying to build their home gym, adjustable weight benches will benefit them in plenty of ways.

· The flat position of an adjustable weight bench is typically used for bench pressing. It is an excellent alternative for a weight-lifting bench.

· For weight lifting, you need to lie on the bench and keep your back straight, keeping your feet on the ground on either side. Now keeping your elbows near your ears, lift the weight. You can do this weight lifting with either one arm or both of your arms. This exercise is excellent for getting biceps and triceps.

· Dumbbells can also be used with an incline position on the weight bench; for this exercise, set the weight bench in an inclined position. Keeping your palms up, hold the dumbbells and bring them to your shoulder level. Now engage your core and press the weights straight up over your chest, and then bring them again to the shoulder level.

· Incline the seat at the angle of 80 to 85 degrees for seated shoulder press. Now keeps your palms in the forward direction, hold one dumbbell in each hand and bring them to the height of your shoulders. Lift the dumbbells to the top until they touch each other at the top. Now lower them as much as possible and repeat the process as often as you require.

Why our adjustable weight benches are suitable for you?

· The weight of an adjustable weight bench determines the quality of any weight bench. The heavyweight of adjustable weight bench inclines towards the higher quality of adjustable weight bench. Our heavy-duty weight benches ensure product quality. Also, the fact that your weight bench is heavy will keep it in one position while exercising, reducing the chances of injury.

· The adjustable seat of our weight bench will prevent you from slipping.

· Our machine has a variety of back pad positions. For example, for shoulder pressing exercises, the back pad of your adjustable weight bench should adjust to more than 70 degrees angle.

· The adjustable weight bench's weight capacity also determines the machine's quality. Our adjustable weight bench can handle almost 500 pounds. As your strength increases after regularly exercising, your adjustable weight bench should compensate for your extra strength

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